Ginger Michelle Apothecary


Self Care with a Feel Good Vibe!

Ginger Michelle Apothecary was founded and created by Ginger Blakley, an accidental entrepreneur who became enamoured with the vibrational awareness and potency of rose water on a trip to Peru while working with the shamans and aboriginal elders. From that encounter, she became fascinated by the healing and nurturing properties of many plants and naturally occurring substances found in Nature and immersed herself in the study of making natural home remedies and skin care products, potions, and tinctures from scratch. After much trial and error, and bold, fearless experimentation, she honed her craft and knowledge, and created her own unique line of skin care products.

Ginger’s aim is to co-create with the magic of Nature to make exquisite and luxury skin care that not only performs exceptionally well, but also leaves the body comforted, nurtured, and renewed. Each product is designed to invoke harmony within the user, foster feelings self-worth, and create an experience that uplifts and inspires. 

Ginger ensures the highest quality control by personally having her hands in every aspect of her business from handling, gathering, and working with the raw ingredients, to creating the formulas, designing the packaging, photography, marketing of the final product, and making personal connections with stockists and customers whenever possible. A meticulous skincare formulator and innovator, she does her research by talking directly with customers taking time to understand the needs of the people she serves. She then uses this information to continually improve the products she creates. 

Ginger believes in lifelong learning and mastery. She has spent countless hours in her lab, perfecting each product for public use. It took her 3 years to formulate and perfect her method of natural soap making, and this dedication, passion, and perseverance is found in every product produced at Ginger Michelle Apothecary. 

Prior to founding Ginger Michelle Apothecary, Ginger studied and worked as an artist, ornamental horticulturalist, and photographer. Beauty has always accompanied everything she does. It is her life’s calling to ensure everyone has beauty in their life whether it be from a flower, a picture, or a bar of soap. She also believes in the energy of all things and it is her wish to bring more wholesome, joyful, and inspired energy into this world through the products that she makes and the relationships she forges.

Rosea Nourishing Face Cream with Rose Quartz

Rosea Nourishing Face Cream with Rose Quartz